I was born in 1979 and grew up in a small swedish town called Nyköping. I have always aspired to express myself, painting just happens to be what suits me the best. I wish I could truthfully boast about being a professional, but I can't since I really don't live off my art. Although, I guess I do live THROUGH my art. If I went to any artschool? Nah, not really, but I have managed to get rejected by a few.

Most of the art that I produce might have a dark feel to it, but I always try to implement something more. Nothing is ever 100% pure/evil. There is beauty and humor in everything. Light and shadow are never really separated, I think it's more like one is always leaning on the other.  Anything can be sensual and beautiful as well as horrifying and evil, it just depends on what you choose to see. These are the themes I try to explore when I am painting.
Daniel Karlsson